Streat for Sango


Streat Sango Borrowing from street food packaging but made in porcelain, assembly detailing.

Space for Ideal Standard

Space Ideal Standard Chances to reinvent products don’t come very often, this was one of them. British bathrooms are small with an average size of a king size bed.  We built a “space lab” with moveable walls  where we pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved in small spaces. The Space WC was a […]

Thomas Trend for Rosenthal

Thomas Trend Rosenthal Launched in 1983 Trend went on to become the best selling contemporary tableware range in Europe.  The integral decoration of fine lines are born from a deep understanding of porcelain and are the key ingredient in making Trend so successful.

Dine for John Lewis

Dine John Lewis Having designed the first House Tableware for John Lewis back in 2011 we were delighted to be asked to update the idea with a new design. Good looking, practical, affordable and easy to live with every day, it ticks all our boxes.

Studio for Ideal Standard

Studio Ideal Standard The brief made it clear that this wasn’t going to be a “design” story but 4 years later when it was launched it was the front cover story in Design Magazine. Studio brought good design to the “fighting end” of the market which was very disruptive in the mid eighties. Sales have […]

Nordika for Costa Verde

Nordika Costa Verde Our brief was for a design that the Scandinavians would buy. For a rare excursion into surface pattern we played with the underlying geometry of Portuguese tiles. It was very gratifying when the Danish co-op placed an order at Ambiente.

Voronoi Bowl for Costa Verde

Voronoi Bowl Costa Verde A collaboration between two Royal Designers, Robin Levien RDI and Tristam Carfrae RDI of ARUP and porcelain manufacturer Costa Verde.  The holes are in a Voronoi pattern that is found on the wings of a dragonfly, which have to be light and strong. The bowl is 40cms in diameter and takes […]