Ferris Wheel for Patra

Ferris Wheel Patra Ferris Wheel brings the joy and excitement of the fun fair to the table.  Eating good food is an experience to enjoy wherever we are in the world.

Feeling for Guzzini

Feeling & Hula Hoop Guzzini Having started by producing products from ox horn, Fratelli Guizzini have craft at their core.  Combining acrylic with porcelain requires a deep understanding of both materials.  These highly innovative designs made a big impact on the market.

Topia for Patra

Topia Patra Topia is latin for “landscape” our inspiration for the design.  The soft profiles capture the rolling countryside and the relief pattern, the crops we grow there.

East for Bonna

East Bonna The Asian table is very eclectic and we looked for inspiration that would deliver a mix of shapes.  It was the national flower of many of the countries in the far east that provided the variety we needed.

Joyn for Arzberg

Joyn Arzberg Arzberg are pioneers of modern design and have always been an inspiration to us at Studio Levien. A meal with family and friends is a joyful experience, so much more than just food. We mixed materials and colours and added some radiating relief lines for a relaxed easy going feel.

Dine for John Lewis

Dine John Lewis Having designed the first House Tableware for John Lewis back in 2011 we were delighted to be asked to update the idea with a new design. Good looking, practical, affordable and easy to live with every day, it ticks all our boxes.

Streat for Sango

Streat Sango For street food from all corners of the globe, the ephemeral becomes permanent.